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Ash Fall takes place in the secluded town of Lethe, where something isn't right.

In Ash Fall you play as Steven, a newcomer to Lethe. Throughout a twisting narrative, you will uncover Stevens haunting past, his mysterious mental condition, and Lethe's darkness, lurking just beneath the skin.

Steven's mind is split in two. Both personalities never to share experiences or memories. He collects mind in a journal, but, one wonders what he would be without it.

What is a man without knowing himself?

Ash Fall is a short and sweet love letter to the classic point-and-click games we all know and love. All with beautiful art, a haunting atmosphere, and a complex Lovecraftian narrative.


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idk if im stupid or of my game is broken but i can only get an axe, oil and a key. i cant figure out how to get to the hospital


I think there is a screen near the cabin you may have missed. There's a lot of unintuitive/ rushed parts in this game, see my comment below.

ah! i see that now thank you :) but im still stuck...

i wish i could find a walkthrough

Okay, I just finished the game and I definitely loved it. I'm not sure of you're still working on it or you still use this account but I just want to tell you that I love the concept a lot.

Ahhhh, I got stuck in the hospital after opening the Nurse's room. Can't figure out the code lmao. Good game tho. 👍


Hey, its been a while since i've worked on this project, and chapter 2 and 3 kinda fell to the wayside. I have everything still planned out, but if i come back to this project ill likely start from scratch. As it stands this is kind of a first shot at something i plan on making a bit better next time around :)